The Kelson Institute provides what you need as a professional, practitioner, or educator to expand your knowledge and promote successful engagement across culture, marginalization, and underrepresentation.

Our Mission

The Kelson Institute was established in order to provide a flexible format for continuing education courses on topics related to diversity, inclusion, and social justice. We recognize that many professionals work within diverse communities and need specialized training in order to understand the relevant issues faced by their students and clients. This focus on the experiences of communities of marginalized, underrepresented and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color allows us to provide unique and specialized training courses in order to promote successful engagement across a variety of professional and educational practices.

Our goals are to help professionals and educators:

·  Deepen and expand their global and sociocultural lens

·  Promote diversity inclusion and social justice

·  Increase knowledge to work more effectively with Black, Indigenous, and People of color as well as individuals from other marginalized and underrepresented communities.·  Deconstruct Eurocentric frameworks and promote antiracist pedagogy and professional practice

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