The Kelson Institute provides specialized training for practitioners, educators and other professionals seeking to refresh, deepen, and expand their sociocultural and global citizenship lens, while promoting diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

For decades, professional practice and education have evolved, in some cases without a clear emphasis on the importance of sociocultural considerations, or the overall well-being of individuals from marginalized or underrepresented groups. Years of research by scholars and practitioners has evidenced the dire need for training our sights on these defining aspects of the human and social experience. The Kelson Institute provides what you need as a professional, practitioner, or educator to expand your knowledge and promote successful engagement across culture, marginalization, and underrepresentation.

“If someone says something to you that sounds good, but makes you feel bad it’s likely a microaggression. Telling me I’m pretty for a dark-skinned girl is not a compliment, it’s a microaggression.”

Soneakqua J. White, M.A., LPC
Co-Founder, Kelson Institute

“Promoting empathy and cultural humility are essential skills for successful teaching and practice and professionals, practitioners, and educators also have a mandate to engage in community and structural change.”

Kelley Haynes-Mendez, PsyD
Co-Founder, Kelson Institute

Engaging our courses will:

  • Equip professionals to work more effectively with Black, Indigenous, and People of color as well as individuals from other marginalized and underrepresented communities.
  • Prepare practitioners, educators and other professionals to engage with diversity, equity, and inclusion and dismantle structural inequities
  • Confront the centering of Eurocentric frameworks and promote antiracist professional practice
  • Contribute to evolving professional practice in multiculturalism, diversity, & social justice

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